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     2018 International Sensor Technology and Application Exhibition

                                                                                  Time: June 13th15th, 2018
                                                                 Address: Shanghai New International Expo Center

中国国际传感器技术与应用展览会(简称“Sensor Expo 2018”)由中国电子元件行业协会敏感元器件与传感器分会、中国科学院物联网发展研究中心共同主办、东世展览服务(上海)有限公司承办。经过17年的电机行业积累和沉淀,MOTOR CHINA进行战略调整,携手业界重量级合作伙伴,整合各方资源,全新打造SENSOR EXPO 2018,并将更加专注传感器展区。
Chinese International Transducer Technology and Application Exposition is being co-sponsored by Sensing Element&Transducer branch of China Electronic Components Association and R&D center for Internet of Things of Chinese Academy of Sciences, undertake by Dongshi EXPO Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. After 17 years’ experience accumulation in motor industry, MOTOR CHINA adjust its strategies and join hands with major partners and integrate resources of all round to build a new SENSOR EXPO 2018 and will focus more on transducer exhibition field.
SENSOR EXP0 2018秉承着“致力打造专业平台”的办展宗旨,依托中国传感器产业的快速发展背景,努力成为中国最大、最专业、最权威的产业平台。近年来,伴随着工业4.0、互联网+、物联网概念的兴起,智能家居、可穿戴产品、智慧城市、智慧交通等领域的市场快速成长。物联网对传感器的需求急剧增大,目前全球有30~50亿个传感器,到2020年预计将达到1000亿个 这一切暗示着传感器产业即将步入下一个飞速发展的黄金时期。SENSOR EXPO 2018借此契机,与企业和机构们一起,致力打造亚洲传感器产业生态圈,共同营造产业环境、进而推动产业大发展。
Adhering to the principle “striving to forge a professional platform” and relying on rapid development background, SENSOR EXPO 2018 is striving to become the largest, the most professional and the foremost industry platform in China. With the spring up of Industry 4.0, Internet+ and the concept of the Internet of Things, a few market areas fast developed, such as smart home, wearable products, smart city and intelligent transportation, etc. With sharp demand for transducers, until now there are 3 to 5 billion transducers and expected to reach 100 billion by 2020. All these imply that transducer industry is about to enter the next golden development period. SENSOR EXPO 2018 will take this opportunity to build Asian sensor industry ecosystem together with corporations and institutions to jointly foster industry environment and thus accelerate industry progress.

SENSOR EXPO 2018 诚邀您的参与,让我们共同见证产业的腾飞。
SENSOR EXPO 2018 努力做的更好!
SENSOR EXPO 2018 sincerely invite your participation and let’s witness the industry prosperous.
Shanghai is now building global technology innovation center and managing to create China’s Silicon Valley. In addition, Shanghai gathers high-end manufacture industries with total foreign company R&D center tops first which account for 30% of the country. Moreover, Shanghai is located in in the center of the Yangtze River Delta and boasts incomparable superior traffic position. Situated in the center of the city, Shanghai New International Expo Center become the excellent choice for exhibition event due to its golden location together with its convenient traffic and highest national standard of basic infrastructure and service.
   SENSOR EXPO 2018 will spare no efforts to do better.

口号:新技术、新产品打造一站式选型采购平台            主题:创新、机遇、挑战
协办单位:美国智能制造机器人协会                   中国物联网产业联盟
Slogan: To build “one-stop selection and procurement platform” with new technology and new product.
Theme: Innovation, Opportunity, Challenge
Sponsor: Sensing Element&Transducer branch of China Electronic Components Association         
China Internet of Things Association
Co-organizer: American Robot Association for Intelligent Manufacturing
Organizer: Dongshi EXPO Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

专业、权威的国际盛会——SENSOR EXPO将邀请美国、德国、俄罗斯、日本、韩国、台湾等20多个国家和地区近400家知名企业参与,展出面积达20000平米。
技术讲座———SENSOR 2018展览期间将同期举行多项的全方位的技术交流活动,学术研讨,务求全面配合展商多元化的宣传策略,讨论行业热门话题,每场费用:国内企业20000元,国外企业4000美元(时间为1小时、不足1小时按一场收费)。

TOP-level event
Professional and authoritative international event-------------SENSOR EXPO will invite nearly 400 famous enterprises from more than 20 countries and regions to participate, including the United States of America, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and so on, which covers an exhibition area up to 20000 square.
Technology seminar-----------During SENSOR 2018 exhibition period, a number of all-round technology exchange activities and academic seminars will be held at the same time so as to match up diversified publicity strategies of exhibitors and discuss industry hot topics.
Charges per seminar: RMB20000 for domestic enterprises, US 4000 dollars for foreign enterprises. (Charged per hour, those less than one hour will be charged per seminar).

SENSOR EXPO 2018五大内容,精彩呈现!
SENSOR EXPO 2018 including five major contents and will offer you wonderful feast.
Brand show
High-level forum
Users symposiums
Foreign Procurement conference
 New technology and product release meeting
       “To build an international procurement trade platform, to promote corporate exchanges and cooperation and enhance exhibition effect
                                                                                            -------------Our goal
Exhibit range:
      Transducer: Different kinds of sensitive components and transducer products including electro-optical transducer, temperature transducer, MEMS transducer, pressure transducer, gas transducer, magnetic transducer, humidity transducer and infrared transducer, motion transducer, image transducer, flow transducer, liquid level transducer, vision transducer, ultrasonic transducer, acceleration transducer, displacement transducer, Hall sensor, weighing sensor, acoustic transducer, environmental sensor and so on.
Gyroscope, RFID, resistive transducer, variable frequency power transducer, resistance strain transducer, piezoresistive transducer, thermal resistance transducer, laser transducer, wireless temperature transducer, intelligent transducer, photosensitive sensor, biological transducer, conductive transducer, 24GHz radar sensor, integrated temperature transducer, vacuum sensor, capacitance level transducer, antimony-electrode acidity transducer, and acid-alkali-salt concentration sensor, etc.

     Transducer system and testing facilities, sealing and integrated devices together with sensor-related R&D technologies.

参展项目 规格及要求 国内企业 合资企业 外资企业
标准展位 3m  3m 15800元/个 19800元/个 4500美元/个
角标展位 3m  3m 17800元/个 21800元/个 5000美元/个
室内空地 36m2²起订 1600元/m2 2000元/m2 600美元/m2
Booth charges:
Exhibit item Domestic enterprise Foreign-funded enterprise      
Corner booth3m  3mRMB 17800 per boothRMB 21800 per boothUS 5000 per booth Minimum space order: 2 2RMB2000/ m
2 Inside front cover Back cover Color interior
RMB25000 RMB10000 RMB18000 RMB2500<span font-size:12pt;"="" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; list-style-type: none; word-wrap: break-word;">
Note: Journal layout specification (210mm*142.5mm), adopt imported coated paper, four-color delicate print and layout contents shall be designed by the exhibitors themselves.

Exhibition items:
1. The exhibitors shall fill in thewith details and stamp it with official seal, and then mail or fax to the organizing committee;
2. The exhibitor must transfer relevant fees into the designated account of the organizing committee within 7 working days after registration;
3. Booth arrangement shall follow the principle of “First come, first served”, and the organizing committee has the right to adjust a small number of booths;
4. Organizing committee will sent exhibitors manual three months ahead to inform exhibits transportation, exhibition reception, accommodation and other related details.

Please contact us timely for further latest exhibition information.
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电邮:sensor-expo@vip.126.com      QQ:295662837
联系人:蔡旭阳 先生 13681658788

Dongshi EXPO Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Address: 20F, Shihua International Plaza, No. 2659 Shuichan Road, Shanghai
Zip code: 201900
Tel: 021-56467988
Fax: 021-61294697
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Contact: Mr. Cai Xuyang 13681658788
Website: www.transducer-expo.com
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